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Interested in having your article appear on the Studyinfozone? We would be happy to consider you as a guest blogger! Before submitting your article please read through our guidelines below. All submissions should be done in below form and in Word Format with the subject line ‘Guest Blogger’. After sending your article, please be patient and we will get back to you shortly!

What we expect from our Guest Bloggers:

(1) Quality: We are interested in high-quality articles with unique content

(2) Topics: As we expand our focus beyond blogging,tutorial, and Jobs news, we are quite interested in guest posts from professionals in the areas of public policy, science, commerce  and arts background . Our readers like to learn about the lives of economists or other academic professionals – stories about their careers in addition to working, studying and teaching. If you have a great idea of a blog post that you think will fit on the Studyinfozone blog, we are open for discussion.

(3) Length:  Typically 500 – 700 words, but exceptions are possible.

(4) Editing: Our team may edit grammar and spelling if needed. Content remains yours.

(5) Pictures: We publish every post with a picture, so you are welcome to send us a picture that you think would best illustrate your article. Please make sure that we are allowed to distribute the picture (through Creative Commons License for example) and that it is credited properly (author/source). If you prefer, we can also find a picture for your post.

(6) Re-publishing: If you publish a post with us, it is your intellectual property. However, re-publishing of the same article is not acceptable, as every post should have unique content.

(7) Hyperlinks: You are welcome to insert relevant hyperlinks in your post (but not too many).

(8) Guest Bloggers Profile: If you write for us and your article is approved, we would like to put a short profile on our Guest Bloggers page. Please submit a small bio along with the blog post draft. It should be between 100 – 150 words and should contain information to appear next to your name on our Guest Bloggers page: current occupation, education, professional interests and a link to your own blog.

(9) Disclaimer: We reserve the right to reject articles for reasons including but not limited to: failure to meet our quality or content requirements, irrelevant links, overly promotional content.

Benefits you get from Guest Blogging:

(1) We will put a short of yours in the post.

(2) If you have a blog or website then we will provide you a quality backlink.


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