Google AdSense account approved tips for blogger blog 2014

There are very few people who do not want to become a Google Adsense User but this dream does not come true to every one. More than 50% of Adsense application are dis approve now a day as most of them some how does not meet with the Adsense policies. By maintaining these simple policies you can easily get an approved Adsense account.

Following these simple guidelines you can easily get an approved Google Adsense account

1)  Use a simple professional blog design.

2) Do not make a site for earning purpose

3) Post only quality contents( Unique conted with 400-500 words is ideal). Site with more organic visitors are easily approved by Google for Adsense. Do not use paid advertisemens to increase your blog visitors.

4) Create a sitemap for your blog, if you wish you can add a disclaimer and privacy policy.

5) Apply with your real personal details.

6) Make your domain open for all so you can get enough traffic, this can help you allot in getting you approved.

7) Blogs/Websites with a Download Zone doesn't get approved so easily, So i prefer you not to make a free download site as it is against Google Policy.

8) If you blog is rejected first time and you think you have not violated any google policy then Re-Apply as there can be other reasons of rejection, Think Different Zone got Google AdSense after 2-3 retries!

9) Never posts any adult content in your blog.

10) Try to use Top Level Domain names, Example : www.domain.com instead of www.domain.yyy

So, these are the tips that can help you a lot in getting your Google AdSense account approved easily, I know the pain of rejection but giving your time in improving your Blog/Website will/can get your blog approved instead of rejection.


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