How to earn more money with Neobux CrowdFlower Micro Tasks (Complete tutorial)

The first step is to choose the best platform that pays the most.There are various channels that provide CrowdFlower jobs,But among them  NeoBux Pays the highest amount compared to other GPT sites.
CrowdFlower tasks are simple to do minijobs which you can work from home and make some more money online.You don't need to worry about how to complete or work Crowdflower tasks.Because detailed instructions will be given for every task and you are asked to answer some questions in training mode.If you are qualified in training mode , you will then start working for money.

Read the instructions carefully for every task because an automatic system will  track the accuracy of your completed work. Don't try to give some random answers, if you give wrong answers,you will go to expelled mode meaning you are not allowed to do the work.

How The CrowdFlower works:

CrowdFlower takes major projects from companies and divides those into micro tasks. Those tasks are supplied to contributor channels with simple instructions for workers with instant pay.

(a) Pay per task varies from $0.03 to $0.70 or more ( on Avg),

(b) Time is depends upon kind work ( on average 1 to 10 minutes)

(c) Main Features of CrowdFlower micro Tasks:

(d) Every task has unique and simple instructions to complete tasks. By following those instructions any one with basic internet knowledge can simply complete tasks.

(e) CrowdFlower has three level Performance badges based on your skills and accuracy in previous tasks. By earning level badges you can receive more tasks and rewards.

(f) Attractive dashboard with statistics and contributor support.

Crowd Flower task Performance Levels :

Basically there are 3 level badges are available.Based on your overall accuracy , you will be assigned a badge.Contributors of level 3 will have access to high paying jobs meaning level 3 contributors earn more money than level 1 contributors.
In order to get a level badge , you need to maintain high accuracy over different jobs.
The details of the eligibility requirements for each Level are outlined below:

Level 1: Contributors in Level 1 have completed over a hundred Test Questions across a variety of Job types, and have a very high overall Accuracy.

Level 2: Contributors in Level 2 have completed over a hundred Test Questions across a large set of Job types, and have an extremely high overall Accuracy.

Level 3: Contributors in Level 3 have completed over a hundred Test Questions across hundreds of different Job types, and have a near perfect overall Accuracy.

Important tips to get success:

(a) Complete as many tasks as possible in order get more tasks and money

(b) Complete tasks accurately and do different types of task at the same time. This will used qualify for the performance badges

(c) Sign up more contributor channels up to 10 to get more tasking opportunities

Crowd flowerContributor Channels:

Join these Crowd flower partners channel and increases your chances of big earning from mini task.

(1) Neobux

(2) Clixsense

(3) Points2shop


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