How to track and trace domestic and international articles of India post

India post has made a great tracking tool to track consignment online. All you need your tracking number which was provided to you during your booking.

Items that can be tracked using India Post Consignment Tracking tools are given below.

(1) Speed post (Domestic EMS)
(2) International EMS
(3) Electronic Money Order (eMO)
(4) Registered Mail
(5) Express Parcel
(6) Electronic Value Payable Parcel (eVPP)

How to track your National/International Consignment:

(1) Visit http://indiapost.gov.in/Tracking.aspx
(2) Enter your consignment number
(3) Enter verification code in the text box and then click on "GO" button.

Sample Tracking Number Formats:

Category                                               Format                          No. of digits

Speed Post (EMS) Domestic           EE987654321IN                          13

International EMS Artilces to              EE987654321XX                         13
be delivered in India

Electronic Money Order (eMO)           000000000000000000         18

Registered Mail                                   RX123456789IN                 13

Express Parcel Post                          XX000000000XX                 13


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