A step by step guide to make Clear veg Soup

There may be very few people who do not love tasty soup.This is most easiest soup to prepare and I love it to prepare for my Children. The taste of this soup is so good that my childern now a day do not eat soup from any resturant. Read this tutorial and prepare for your own and taste it.

Approx Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cooking Time: 25 mins  
Serves: 2 persons
Recipe Cuisine: Chinese
Recipe Type: Appetizer


(1) Carrot - 1/2 pcs 
(2) Beans - 4 nos 
(3) Cabbage - 3 tbsp's 
(4) Onion - 1/2 pcs 
(5) Water - 2 cup's
(6) Corn Flour - 2 tsp's (mix it with 5 tsp's of water)
(7) Spring onion - 2 tsp's (finely chopped)
(8) Ghee - 1/4 tsp
(9) Black Pepper Powder - 1/2 tsp
(10) Aji-na-motto - a pinch (but I do not prefer it and it is optional)

Preparation :

First Heat Ghee in a Bowl then add sliced onion and saute it.Add all the vegetables(carrot, beans & cabbage) to the bowl and saute them.Add 2 cup's of water to the bowl and let the vegetables get half cooked.Mix the corn flour with 5 tsp's of water (Make sure there are no lump's). Add the corn flour starch to the bowl and mix well. Add salt to taste, and aji-na-moto (this is optional) a pinch and let the soup sit in the stove in slow flame.Add Spring onions and black pepper powder. when the soup get's little thicker, remove from the flame and serve.

Serve it hot with bread stick's or with spiced corn flake's.

N.B: The corn flakes in the images are just plain corn flake's. check the spiced one's here.

It just took 30 mins of time in total and the production cost of this soup could be less than Rs.25, I don't know why the restaurant's charge double the amount and I think its probably the AC charge they are taking.


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