Bunt Style spicy Chicken Chops Curry Without Coconut

This is a very simple recipe that I am going to show you today. As you know food is a art of love the more love put in your food the more it will be tasty. So just learn the recipe and put love in it and prepare for your family. You can adjust with your ingredients if you wish.


(1) 800 gm chicken on the bone
(2) 2 large onions finely chopped
(3)1 medium size tomato finely chopped
(4)juice of 1/2 a lime
(5) salt to taste
(6)2 tbsp ghee or oil

For the masala:

(1) 6-7 long dry red chillies (Bedgi) * see note
(2) 6 peppercorns
(3) 1 level tbsp coriander seeds
(4) 1/4 tsp turmeric/haldi powder
(5) 5 cloves
(6) 2 inches cinnamon
(7) 7-8 cloves of garlic
(8) 1 large onion roughly chopped * see note

Preparation procedure :

Step 1: Cut the chicken into large pieces, wash and drain on a colander. Grind all the ingredients mentioned in the 'For the masala' section to a fine paste using a little water. Keep the masala water from the mixer jar. Marinate the chicken pieces in the ground masala & keep aside. 

Step 2: In a large wok heat the ghee or oil & fry the 2 finely chopped onions till golden brown. Add the marinated chicken pieces along with the rest of the masala. Add salt to taste and cook on a medium flame till half done. Add the tomatoes and cook for a further 4-5 minutes or till the tomatoes are well blended into the curry.

Step 3: Add the masala water from the mixer jar and adjust consistency of the gravy as required. Add the lime juice and continue to cook till chicken is fully cooked.

Step 4: Turn off the flame & serve hot with chapathis or rice.


Bedgi/Byadge/Kundapur/Kumti chillies are what give Mangalorean cuisine its unique flavour & fragrance, especially signature dishes of the Bunt cuisine taste distinctly different when these chillies are used. If you do not find this variety of chillies you may use Kashmiri chillies which are quite low in spice and only give great colour, so you may increase the chillies upto 12-13 for a medium spicy curry. You may also use a blend of Bedgi & Harekala chillies (popularly known as short chillies or gidda menasu) for this curry.
This curry is dryish without a lot of gravy & is most suited to be eaten with Chapathis, however if you want more gravy you can add an extra onion while grinding.


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